the brilliant  KC 85/4
85/4 quick introduction
The 8bit small-computer KC85  -KleinComputer85-  has been developed as basis device for an expandable small computer system. The main difference compared to the common home computer is the modular concept which allows to connect special devices and different modules. Due to this concept the KC85 can be adapted to the most different tasks and applications. The basis device KC85 is equipped with a plug-in bus extender. The expansion interface allows to attach one or more extension top boxes. Also there are 2 additional front side slots for plug-in expansion modules. The intend to design a small computer system on a modular base was -at its time 1988- very unique and outstanding.  THE MODULAR MONSTER was born.
The KC85 BASIS DEVICE works with a U880-CPU 1,77 MHz [Z80-Clone]. 128 KByte RAM built in. 64 k restricted as IRM -Image Repetition Memory-.  64 k free available. Of these, 64 k of RAM, two 16 k blocks are for address 8000H parallel running, by bank switching up to 4 MByte. As well as 20 KByte ROM including: 4 k CAOS C , 8 k CAOS E , 8 k HC-BASIC. CAOS is the operating system of the BASIS DEVICE. CAOS used in text mode 40 x 32 characters. In the graphics mode 320 x 256 pixels, and 4 colors in fully graphic arts mode. In the other modes 16 colors for the foreground -INK-, and 8 background colors -PAPER-.
KC85/4  Memory Allocation
       1x  Floppy Disk Basis
       2x  Busdriver
       1x  Basis Device
       1x  Keyboard
D004  [for 2 modules]
D002  [for every 4 modules]
D001  [for 2 modules]
D005  [comfort keyboard]
  2x  Floppy Disk Drive 3.5   inches [ 800KB DS/DD]
  2x  Floppy Disk Drive 5.25 inches [ 800KB DS/DD]
  1x  LCR-C Data  [recorder]
     - Dxxx  => Device number xxx-
The FLOPPY DISK BASIS has its own U880-CPU 4MHz and 64 k RAM. Under MicroDOS  exactly 50 KByte TPA - Transient Program Area- can be used. MicroDOS is the operating system in the PC mode -similar to CP/M-. It can used some function of the BASIS DEVICE with MicroDOS or the newer operating system, called ML-DOS. For example: graphics, color and windows techniques. Even a dual-processor operation is possible.
In to this FLOPPY DISK BASIS hidden a GIDE   KC-Club version  with 2.5 inches HDD -64MB used-  and  CF-Card as Slave -64MB used-. The 4MByte RAM-Module  -see module with 4 LEDs in series-  formed  a gigantic RAM-DISK Drive A: under MicroDOS . It was in the KC-Club developed, as well as a scanner module with interfaces. Many possibilities are available for development newer hard- and software.
The KC85/4 was VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Mühlhausen -GDR- produced . Also simply called VEB MPM or just MPM. Produced in the years 1988 to 1990.  - VEB "Volkseigener Betrieb"  =  SOEs  'state-owned enterprises' -
BASIS DEVICE -first operating system called CAOS 4.2-
 FLOPPY DISK BASIS-second operating system called MicroDOS-
CAOS 4.4   [Basis-System]      Animation runs  ML-DOS  [CP/M-System]     Animation runs
The next future for the KC85/4 will be TCP / IP for CAOS and CP/M. It isn't Fisherman's Tale -the end of the slipper networks-
In the "KC85 Labor" of Ralf Kästner  - KCNET   -
and USB support   - project by Mario Leubner -
This picture shows the more developed ML-DOS. With first
 file manager in color on CPM-Basis for the KC85/4 created by
 Mario Leubner. The demo programm INTER [zip,avi 263 KB]
                           -first point: Graphics ........ as real time video-
Screenshots were made possible by the KCemu of Torsten Paul
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