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RAM connection check
Connection check behind BASIS DEVICE with the FLOPPY DISK BASIS System.
Start of a CAOS floppy disk with DEP1.0 and service routines.
DEP    - Disketten Erweiterungs Programm for CAOS
              [ Floppy program extension ]
CAOS - Cassette Aided Operating System
Start of a MicroDOS floppy disk and reboot by MicroDOS
Changing systems between CAOS and MicroDOS.
CAOS is somewhat limited when you use the 16k RAM blocks. In the standard are the blocks of   0000H - 4000H  and  4000H - 8000H  usable.

Animations     CAOS , MicroDOS                                                   6 seconds delay                                                            click on image  go back